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The technology that you buy is an investment in the efficiency of your practice. It should allow you to diagnose and treat patients more effectively and make your office more productive and profitable while doing so! Software and hardware have become so sophisticated that bringing that new investment into your office is as complicated as ever. More importantly, the performance of these fancy new gadgets relies a lot on the computers behind them.

That’s where we come in! We specialize in supporting dental applications and hardware including intraoral scanner systems (IOS) and cone beam CT scanners (CBCT) systems. The performance of these systems depends heavily on the computers they run on and how they are set up to work. Updates to Windows or other software can change or delete settings with zero notice. “It worked yesterday, I don’t know what changed” – sound familiar?

Over 25 years of Technology Expertise!

BCM can help guide you through the maze of technology by providing solutions that solve your problems so they stay solved. We provide additional training and services to help you market your practice as a leader in cutting edge patient care and technology!

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Intraoral Scanner Tune Up – Single Computer Acquisition

  • Assess and optimize intraoral scanner performance
  • Lock systems down – prevent users from changing things accidentally or installing unwanted software
  • Keep Windows under control – stop updates from ruining your day
  • Ensure latest settings and updates are applied to all components
  • Apply protection from viruses and malware
  • Data storage and backup evaluation, make sure your data is being saved and protected
  • Continuous protection, managed computer services are constantly checking and updating your system to ensure you have the latest and most effective settings and updates

3D Ready Office Upgrade

  • Prepare your entire network for high end 3D image acquisition and display, suitable for IOS or CBCT systems
  • Options for 3D ready micro desktop and laptop solutions for your whole office
  • Lock systems down with managed computer services – prevent unwanted updates, changes and issues
  • Fully integrate powerful technology like 3D printing or milling with your digital design

Video Production Services

Ask about our customized training content and video production services. With Ask the Experts! you and your staff can participate in webinars with our intraoral scanning experts and ask them the tough questions about scanning, software, in office workflows like milling and printing and much more! BCM’s video production services can also help you highlight your office and your technology.

Don’t let your investment go unnoticed, educate your patients today! See below a few examples of videos BCM has produced.